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FEEL BETTER - There are always people who are stupider than you.

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soxman999 - August 23, 2011, 12:08 pm
tru mate, true,
pzykosiz - August 26, 2010, 9:04 pm
come over here and try it for yourself. it's a lot more fun than it sounds
ICEMAN - August 26, 2010, 9:02 pm
Hell, you guys will 'ride' anything that moves. Heh, heh.
pzykosiz - August 26, 2010, 7:00 pm
Oh come on, all australians know you don't ride kangaroos, you ride Emu's
Reality Lord - August 26, 2010, 9:29 am


the refugee trigger -

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EmilioDumphque - January 17, 2016, 3:56 am
Well spotted!!
mizzdizz - January 16, 2016, 9:40 pm
Adding this to f/upped signs collection!!!!! 5L! Thanks for sharing it. Hadn't seen this 1!

MISTAKES - Typo's are very important to the art of writing. It gives the reader soemhting to look for so they aren't distracted by your total lack of content

SPELLING - U lrn thiz in da fist grad.

TYPO GREMLIN STRIKES! - When you've misspelled the simplest, most common words...

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maoworks2 - December 16, 2012, 9:28 am
This ones For Me .

Gotta love the Mao -

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GaryO - July 31, 2013, 10:20 pm
OK, serious……good posters just come together sometimes. We all make those coincidental mistakes thru the effort of several. However, the true fun is when reading a favorable comment from a peer. Thank you for that, my friend.
GaryO - July 31, 2013, 10:19 pm
Zet, your opinion, in my opinion, is truly excellent.
Zetmonk - July 31, 2013, 12:02 pm
This, in my opinion, is true excellence.
rerun - July 30, 2013, 7:22 pm

I spell terrible, glad I haven't posted much lately. Excellent poster
GaryO - July 30, 2013, 3:04 pm
maoworks2 - July 30, 2013, 2:18 pm
Thank you GaryO, Are You Sure Your Taking About Me ?
GaryO - July 30, 2013, 8:27 am
Just a spoof of one of the most prolific, long lasting, beloved poster creators here, and of whom is the classiest act on this site, mao….’guys’ typo
maoworks2 - July 30, 2013, 7:31 am
What's This All About ?
Reality Lord - July 30, 2013, 6:55 am

congrats....coffee spray onto the monitor. 5L....LMFAO

BOUNTY-GATE - Here's your "ASTERISK" on that "SUPER-BOWL" win boyz! Good Job boys, you've earned it.

TYPOS - Really? The O isn't even close to the E! Yet another way to let the troops down.

BIBLICAL TYPO - The Apple and the Snake

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aPauling - August 11, 2008, 3:06 pm
Moses should have used spellcheck.

The Law -